Brake fluids Tamashi
Тормозные жидкости Tamashi

Brake fluid DOT4

Synthetic brake fluid with increased high temperature characteristics according to international standards.
910g ID: BFT10
455g ID: BFT05
Suitable for most vehicles with modern anti-lock brake system and electronic stability program systems: ABS, AND, ETS, ASR, ESP, BAS.

Brake fluid TAMASHI DOT 4 is designed for use in hydraulic brakes and clutches of cars of all modifications in accordance with the instructions of the car operation.

- Operating ambient temperature range: from -50°С to 50°С.
- Boiling point of dry liquid, not lower than 250°С.

Meets the requirements of international standards: SAE J1703, SAE J 1704, FMVSS 116, ISO 4925 for brake fluids of class DOT 4.

Meets to the DOT 4 Plus specification.

Prolongs life time of cuffs and brake hoses used in brake systems.

Effective corrosion inhibitors provide protection of parts made of steel, cast iron, copper, brass and aluminum.